lizzyvalentinedhb asked: Not a question just wanted to tell you that you're art is my new phone back ground it's beautiful god bless :3

Thats so sweet, thank you for letting me know dear! :)

WAIIIIIIIIIII, look what goodies came with todays mail! ;3; I commissioned the awesome goknott and look at this beauty!<3<3<3<3

/ Kiitos vielä kerran mielettömästi, ja ihan oikeilla jäljillä olit hahmon suhteen. Mie olin niin totaalisen innoissani että unohin antaa tarkemmat taustatiedot. :’DD Sie oot ihan paras<3

Last wip for tonight. Trying to find good reference pics for embroidery details

Work in progress Lady Death and Karelian soul bird

Continuing my Lady Death series. This time with Karelian Soul bird


Spyro the Dragon – Environments 2

This is just too precious<3

(via twilightharbour)

Today would be my grannys 97th birthday. I miss her every summer so much!

dulcerevenge asked: Hi, do you have a Deviantart account? :3 I like your work

Thank you dear! :) Yes, I do have an account on DeviantArt. I’m trying to keep it alive. :’D


kanga--ruby asked: Hey~ :) I've just seen your beautiful painting of Spyro sitting atop a large purple crystal with the moon above him. I love it. :) I've been looking to get a Spyro tattoo done - would you mind at all if I based the design on your painting? It wouldn't be a carbon copy, of course, but your painting is so beautiful I would love my tattoo to be based on your art. :)

I approve this very much! :D You are free to use my art as tattoo purposes freely, just send me a pic after the tattoo is finished! I love tattoos myself but don’t have any at this moment.

Just the thought of somebody getting a tattoo based on my works makes me squeal like a happy little critter!