Art trade pic. There is some old school feeling in this one; I always love painting pretty ladies with horns<3

Just watched this and oh god how much I love Catbus! Why can’t I ride on the Catbus to the school?? ;3;

Crystals done! Now the hair…

Time to add some colour!

Sketching while watching Ghibli movies

Trying to finish this soon!



I’m pretty proud of this page, it has such vivid colors. ;u; The comic goes onward! 


Check out this awesome comic that my darling catnipcarnival draws! You can spot my oc babies too in this comic. :3 

Slow progress

Open for August commissions! ›



Thanks to a convenient niche in my schedule, I’ve decided to open commissions for August! I can take up to eight (8) works under my belt now; first come, first serve basis, and I’ll move down the list as I complete each work. Read on for details!image


See sample…